Oriental arms

ottomane1_sBernard Delor has undertaken a project dedicated to traditional oriental blades. This is his main activity in the domain usually known as “art-knife” making.

The project brings back to life old and mythic arms from the widest orient, from Arabia to Ottoman Empire, from Persia to India, China and Mongolia. Based on artistic thought focusing on crafts from each land, this proceeding is quite original : original designs, embellishments and finishings which need to couple many different gifts (forge welding, gilding, chiseling…), but still paying respects to tradition and taking inspiration from authentic ancient and collectable arms.

The collection has been shown :
– at the SICAC art knifeshow, 2004 and 2005, (France),
– for several years at the Thiers knifeshow (France),
– at the INDEX Dubai 2007 show, United Arab Emirates

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